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    At least they are being honest about it. And apparently with no sense of irony at all.
    Or of shame.
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2018
    Posted By: AsterixIt must be spring.

    I just witnessed a flock of about a dozen turkey hens foraging and being trailed by a peacock displaying and calling.

    Poor thing.

    Which may reflect how, in the history of life on earth, most new species were in fact created (i.e. by hybridization). Contrary to the prevailing Neo-Darwinist view that new species arise by diverging from preexisting species through the gradual accumulation of distinctive traits.

    Which, if true, means among other things that various competing "trees of life" are simply wrong; the history of life on earth is a complex network, not a branching tree with progressive radiations from common ancestors.

    McCarthy (2008) builds a case that new species seldom arise from the standard population genetic processes of gradual divergence via mutation, drift, and selection in allopatry, but instead that novel life forms often originate via the genetic stabilization of recombinant lineages following hybridization events. . . . If this hypothesis is correct, the ramifications for many areas of evolutionary biology would be profound. [p. 284]
    . . .

    [P]hylogeneticists would have to admit that their dream of reconstructing a branched tree of life had been merely a pipedream. [p. 288]

    “Three Ambitious (and Rather Unorthodox) Assignments for the Field of Biodiversity Genetics,” Avise, J.C., S.P. Hubbell, and F.J. Ayala (eds.), 2008, In the Light of Evolution, Volume II. Biodiversity and Extinction. The National Academies Press, Washington, D.C.). )
    Yabbut how many turkey hens need to get fookd by a peacock before a fertile turkock chick hatches?
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    Don't forget parasitism. Very effective for creating new forms of life. Doesn't happen often but when it's a doozie!
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2018
    Posted By: alsetalokinYabbut how many turkey hens need to get fookd by a peacock before a fertile turkock chick hatches?

    5,000? Hard to know. But over the course of a century, say, we also don't see many new bird or mammal species pop up.
    Turcock? you mean peakey
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2018
    Nice pasties.
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    At least it’s not yellow?
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    \\o< We're all to blame for this one.
    Whaddya mean "we", white man? in my Tonto voice.
    Total fiction Trump is a totaly unguided brain fart
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    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2018
    Look at it from the leopard's point of view.