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    I heard a good quip today as I tried to get at least partially up to speed on CRISPR. Fairly recently a biologist made a trek to the Arctic and discovered a key missing link between fish and land animals, called Tiktaalik, a fossil about 350 million years old. There was great fanfare in the press of course, and when this chap returned, he was suitably congratulated by his colleagues. One of them said to him "Well done! Now you've created two new gaps in the fossil record!"
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    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2015
    Here's Office 365 for CRISPR users. Let me know when you work it out.
    Thanks :) I actually got to ChopChop already, thanks to YouTube.
    If I'm going to get serious about becoming a biohacker, I'm going to have to go join a local group and figure out what equipment to buy. First though, I'll need to clear off my lab bench of all the Woodward-related electronics stuff.
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2015
    So you are totally convinced it is crap.
    20 years from multiple people and nothing to show for it? - yup. Plus, Woodward doesn't understand his own physics. Recently he wrote what I consider a highly embarassing "refutation" of the free energy paradox that was not even up to high school physics level and contained one howler after another.
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    Researchers Say They've Identified The Functions of Life's Earliest Genes.
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    Thanks excellent article.
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