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    I often look around and catch myself half-thinking, in a Groucho/Jewish wry humour sort of way, "I don't remember ordering that"
    I sometimes look around and start to believe in Arp and Narlikar and Hoyle and them.

    As the expansion of the universe accelerates, new matter/energy pops into existence, either being ejected from the cores of active galaxies or just popping in where space is especially thin. Thus, the average density over a given (large) volume can remain the same, even as (space expands)2. It's the pressure of thick space that keeps large scale quantum fluctuations like the BB very rare. But as space expands some places will eventually get very thin, and then conditions are ripe for another huge BB fluctuation, temporarily increasing the density of stuff in a local volume. Lather rinse repeat, world without end Amen.

    Or maybe cubed.
    The problem with positing a finite amount of spacetime which gets "stretched thin" is that the energy density of dark energy appears to be constant.
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    This New Explanation For Dark Matter Could Be The Best One Yet.
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    Does dark matter annihilate quicker in the Milky Way?