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    That's a detailed analysis of a hopeless way to get it assessed. I do sense perverse pleasure there. I hope it's not taken from personal experience.

    So, do you have any sort of opinion of a hopeful way to proceed?
    Make a YouTube video.
    • CommentTime6 days ago
    The experience is personal only in the sense that I have been the guy receiving crackpot mail (which might have gems in it, but is the game worth the candle?) However I do have a more germane experience through a guy who used to work for me. Or rather he was supposed to. In fact he spent all his time tiddling around with some idea he had about elliptic integrals. As far as I could make out it was a genuine discovery, but of what importance it was not for me to judge.

    He had pretty much that sort of trouble. Also with mathematical journals. I remember one that sent it out for review where it remained for something like two years, after which upon enquiry they responded that the reviewers to whom it was sent were too busy/not competent to judge/whatever.

    I would suggest doing more or less what you are doing. Find somebody who can reasonably deal with you directly. Maybe go talk to a mathematics department person in person. If you can convince him that you are a reasoning creature, and explain it on the spot so he don't have to spend any time thinking, then you might get somewhere.
    Yep, sounds right. Thanks.