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    Greg Goble, a very successful patent attorney who is GAGA about cold fusion, resurrected the old discussion about putting a GeNie hybrid cold fusion/fission reactor (whatever the hell that is) on Guam. Maybe because they have lax nuclear power regulatory laws? Based on SPAWAR research (WHAT?)? Here is what he wrote. I saw Andrew's previous mention but I couldn't find a lot of discussion. I am curious if anyone here understands the proposal-- I have not a clue -- and whether or not it might work. Seems to me like pie in the sky, gimme some money and we'll see, sort of Steornishness. Except with some famous names who probably don't understand the claimed physics either.

    Andrew's link etc.

    Andrew Palfreyman
    Jul 13th 2013 edited

    LENR plus nuke. If I read this right, they’ve found a LENR electrochemical process which can either be used directly or can be used to produce fast neutrons for conventional nuclear fission of uranium.

    I smell a rat!

    Yup, Andrew. There is a mousy stench.

    Goble's response added apparently willy nilly to a really stupid article from Brian Westenhaus, stating that cold fusion is right around the corner, especially what with Defkalion and Rossi almost commercially ready...

    Greg Goble on August 10 2013 said:
    This is an example of advanced LENR engineering out of SPAWAR. The company has two U.S. Congressman and a former U.S Secretary of Defense, CIA Deputy Director, and Chairman of the Carlyle Group. Google "Navy LENR Patent Granted Transmutes Radioactive Waste" to follow a bizarre story.

    Fuel Rod Management

    An important technology has come to maturity out of the Naval Spawar Laboratories. The technology is a low energy nuclear reaction that transmutes spent nuclear fuel rods to less harmful elements while creating electricity. Holding a license to utilize advanced engineering of this LENR technology, the Global Energy Corporation offers the GeNie Reactor. A HYBRID FUSION FAST FISSION REACTOR (patent) Developed under contract No. DE-AC52-06NA25946 with the US Department of Energy and Department of Defense.

    At a Global Energy Corporation presentation to the Guam Power Authority, GEC president Jay Wook Khim offered to pay the 250 million dollar cost to construct the first 50MW GeNie Reactor and provide Guam with electricity at half the cost. According to the dates on the document, Fitial and Buckingham signed off on the nuclear energy document around the time GEC scientists and officials, including CEO Dr. Jay W. Khim, visited Saipan during June of 2012. For many reasons this stalled, two of them being that the governor of Guam was impeached and that Guam has no spent fuel rods, therefore the new governor is hesitant to bring fresh uranium onto the island to fuel the GeNie Reactor.

    NEWS (Clean Nuclear Power Eyed)
    and (Impeached Governor Inked Secret Deal to Construct Fast Breeder Reactor)

    I think this U.S. LENR energy technology is more important to you, with your spent fuel rod storage concerns, than to the people of Guam. It is important that you pursue it. This is a spent fuel rod risk reduction strategy that is profitable.

    With this technology your spent fuel rods become a source of revenue instead of an ongoing expense and risk. Without the need for extensive processing, the spent fuel rods are placed around the LENR reactor core. The LENR reactor can be tuned to emit different levels of protons and neutrons, bombarding the spent fuel rods, increasing the different radioactive elements rate of emissions, This transmutes the elements, shortening their half life or eliminating the radioactive isotope completely.

    The proposed GeNie Reactor does this and produces enough excess energy to power your turbine electrical generators. You may consider having multiple GeNie Reactors on sight providing low cost - high energy heat for all your power needs.

    Is this the next Rossikalion?
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    This is bugging me because I vaguely remember hearing of a fission reactor concept called Genie way back, but I can't find anything but cold fusion references.

    This says

    In April 2013, SPAWAR was granted the patent for a waste management solution involving cold fusion. The method suggests the transmutation of radioactive waste to common, stable elements using the low energy nuclear reaction. The device, called the GeNIE cell, decreases the half-life of radioactive materials by increasing their emissions rate.

    The reactor is based on a hybrid fusion and its purpose is to neutralize nuclear waste by employing it as fuel with no resulting radioactive waste. The machine is able to process natural uranium as well.

    The device is reported to employ a chemical and magnetic interaction and to generate particles that can be used for various applications. The particles emitted include alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, high energy protons, deuterons, tritons and neutrons.

    These particles can be used to transmute other elements, remove radioactive waste, treat specific materials and even treat cancer tumors.

    Other uses of the device cover a very wide range of applications. The SPAWAR technology can be used as a safe nuclear reactor and can work as an internal source of high energy neutrons.

    The device can also be used as a nuclear reactor that is powered by fertile or fissile fuel or uses nuclear waste as fuel, consuming its own waste products.

    In addition to the uses mentioned above, the reactor also generates thermal energy and can be used for heating while disposing of nuclear waste.

    Emphasis mine. I suppose they could be referring to a chain reaction, but I don't know what you could do to change the spontaneous decay rate of a radioactive material. It would be nice to find a competent description of Genie, if it exists, whatever it is.
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    Posted By: alsetalokinGenie was one of Mark Goldes his delusions, IIRC.
    Different Genie. This one is written "GeNie". Nothing to do with that idiot, Goldes. This one claims that the principals from SPAWAR and some well known former dignitaries of various administrations are involved.


    They're on generation 5! Woopee. Just like defecalion.

    Generation five

    "We’re generation five," Dr. Khim told the Variety during an exclusive interview, "and first of all this is a brand new concept." He said safety is the first consideration, and that cannot be ensured by building higher walls around reactors, as Japan saw last year with Fukushima.

    "You have to change the basic science of nuclear power," Khim explained. "We’ve been working with the U.S. Navy for about 22 years and the basic science phase is now over. Now we’re going into commercial development, which the Navy is not going to do." But Khim says the science has been repeatedly duplicated by the Navy, and has been proven, recognized and published.

    Officials of the Navy on Guam, including Capt. John V. Heckmann Jr., CO of Naval Facilities and a professional engineer, attended the GEC briefing.

    The GEC board of directors, Khim says, includes some well-known Washington D.C. Players, including former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, former Congressman and Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, and former U.S. Congressman Tom Davis, among others.
    Double whoopee.
    Here's the only Genie I care about.

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    Posted By: alsetalokinHere's the only Genie I care about.

    Al spends a lot of time rubbing his lamp.

    Edit: for some reason that link doesn't display that pic here.
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    Posted By: LakesEdit: for some reason that link doesn't display that pic here.
    It is probably protected against "hot linking". You'd have to transfer the image to hosting site such as

    Gobble, gobble!