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    Upward Bound: Space Towers. Disappointing no mention of Andrews favourite tower, go thothx young man.
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    Inflatable space habitat passes first hurdle, now onto radiation testing.

    The Planet Strappers anyone?
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2017
    A Fusion Runway to Deep Space?
    It's a bold idea with many devils in many details.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2017
    It's a variation of the old bang, bang with the spacecraft only carrying part of the explosive material, perhaps enough to slow it down at its destination?

    I must admit I didn't think of initiating a fusion explosion by such an intricate way.

    Although when I first heard about the bang, bang idea I thought it would be applicable for lunar landings and take offs if the right chemicals could be found on the moon to supply multi barrel machine guns with explosive bullets.
    The accuracy issue is the one which perturbs me the most
    That's right... if someone puts machine guns on the moon, most of the exploding bullets will wind up hitting certain places right here on this planet.
    That's more of a focussing effect than a divergent effect I would have thought.
    It's divergent from what will probably be told to the taxpayers when the machine guns are being funded. "It's a propulsion system that will take us to the stars!"

    No... it's a weapons system that will ultimately be used to oppress and destroy.
    I see it oppositely. Lubin got funded for DESTARS by The Space Amygdala Brigade who will unwittingly have helped us go interplanetary and interstellar. Har Har Har.
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    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2017
    The Space Amygdala Brigade JOIN NOW!
    ...there's a small chance they could harbor life.

    You do realize I hope that every such conjecture, if true, puts an even finer point on the Fermi Paradox, right?
    What's one million times 1%?
    Ten thousand. So?
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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2017
    Spread very thinly though out?
    Mayo or mustard?
    Clearly you can't get a probability that's overunity. So the correct answer is a statistically significant distribution and all the interesting stuff lies in the tail on the high side. Except the number is in the tens of billions for this galaxy alone, and so the tail is meaty, beaty, big and bouncy.