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In the context of Free Energy claims, an African Pump is a promised but unfulfilled philanthropic act, wherein the claimed device will be applied to a real-world need and contributed to an identified, wanting group - such as an impoverished sub-Saharan African village. Such a promise appears to lend credibility to the contrapreneur's claims, though it is nothing more than a cynical ruse.

The term derives from a widely-known promise made by Steorn Ltd. to provide Orbo-powered water pumps to a village in Kenya; neither the Orbo devices, nor the African Pump's ever materialized.

Other examples of African pumps include promises by A. Rossi / Defkalion GT to provide free heating to local buildings from E-Cat / Hyperion devices, and in the case of A. Rossi, to devote 50% of his E-Cat related income to the families of children with cancer.