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    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2010
    Hey people. What do you think this is? Your own hyperspace messaging service?
    Posted By: maryyugoHey people. What do you think this is? Your own hyperspace messaging service?

    It is Not the [ Word removed at the request of Steorn ] Forum, which must give it plenty of scope.

    A bit more respect is due from you people of Earth, or you'll find yourself in a [ World removed at the request of the Hyperspace Planning Council ] situation. Again.


    How very good to hear from you, you clueless flippertygibbet my dear, and I am so glad you got your job back. That Angus must be a person of interesting influence good nature and upright character. I hope you will be able to introduce us some time soon.

    Take good care of yourself in the important time ahead, and I will be in touch after hatching a new and even more fiendish plot the happy event to exploit the situation offer my felicitations.

    My warmest greetings to Rick.

    Your fiend friend


    P.S. I hope the burn will soon be better. Try a little gentle sun-lamp therapy to help the skin heal.
    Hi Angie, nice to see you're back, and with a Vogon tat, yet, how very ... er ... stimulating.

    By the way, did you ever get those photos taken that we were talking about earlier?
    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2010

    Human infants are tasty but their parents tend to make catching them difficult.
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2013
    Classic free energy scam from another adherent to LDS. There seems to be no end of these. Found in comments at "It's a moray!": />