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    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2018 edited
    My internet explorer (Safari / MacOS/ Version 11.1 (12605. does something weird so I thought this may be relevant to this topic.

    The weird thing it does is this:

    1. I am on reddit and click an outgoing link to a somewhat british tabloid.

    2. The page loads and this is what I see:

    (Note the URL displayed in the URL display widget at the top of the screencap)

    3. That's weird and stupid because when I copy that URL from the Guardian page it looks like this:

    4. Touching the reload button with the mouse cursor and pressing the left mouse button gently fixes the wrongly displayed uniform resource locator.
    Could you please remove that offensive material from our screens? Thank you.
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2018 edited
    Scroll down.

    Ur welcome.

    What is the offensive part?