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    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009 edited

    HybridTech releasing water fuel generator plans

    November 14, 9:03 AM Breakthrough Energy Examiner

    HybridTech Energy of Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, has sent out an announcement that they are in process of releasing plans to the world for building a water fuel cell that they say produces enough hydroxy gas from water to run a generator to keep the electrolysis cell going as well as producing excess electricity for other use. In other words, it is a self-looped system with excess energy produced in the process..


    Jeff Sokol, President/CEO of HybridTech, said that nearly 90% of the electricity produced can be used elsewhere, as the electrolysis unit only consumes around 10-12% of the electricity to produce enough hydroxy gas to keep the engine running. "The opportunities are incredible for technology this efficient," he told me.


    Ah so an engine is involved. No wait don't tell me it uses gasoline as well right ?
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    Des Sterling just not bother to do simple math? A 3.55 kW genset is alleged to operate on 6 liters per minute of a gas at STP. That is, six liters of gas PER MINUTE at atmospheric pressure, being produced by the electrolysis cells.
    The genset might have a 50 cc displacement 4-cycle ICE, and it might operate at 1800 RPM or so to produce electrical power with throttle wide open, hence intake manifold pressure close to ambient. 50 cc times 900 compression cycles per minute equals 45 liters of SOMETHING going through the engine every minute. Now, the "HHO" gas is by definition stoichiometric, that is, the very optimum mixture. 6 liters per minute of the optimum mixture must then be diluted by 39 liters of, well, AIR, making the burn mixture really really really really lean.

    If the genset has a larger displacement (likely) and runs at a higher RPM (also likely) the problem gets even worse.

    Or are we being told that the genset will run at nearly closed throttle (idle, plausibly at 6 LPM consumption) and still make 3 kiloWatts continuously, on this gas? I'll believe it when Sterling goes off the grid.