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    Posted By: TrimNS

    Windows aims to open up 3D printing to the masses

    Just in time for Windows to be closing, for many of those masses.
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    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2013
    The Window of Opportunity is closing for Microsoft.
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    One day it will be possible to print a full size flesh and blood fully working model of MM.

    I wonder if any of us will be reprinted?
    Does that come with Mouse Tweaks?

    (sorry.... I just couldn't help myself....)
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    Posted By: alsetalokintattoo artists make good money
    I often wondered about that. It must expensive to make your skin look dirty from a distance.

    ETA: Cheez Louize:

    Pricing Per Artist at Tattooed Heart Studios

    John Garancheski – $180/Hour

    Paul Natale – $150/ Hour

    Amy Nicholls – $150/ Hour

    What are these people? Investment bankers in their spare time?
    Indian guy at a party. The host says "Your wife looks very young". The Indian says "Oh yes, my wife is dirty and I am dirty too".
    Do black people get white tattoos?
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    (delayed rimshot)

    A friend of mine in TO, very funny black man, had a line he would say when getting up to leave the table for a moment. "I'll be right black."
    And if you were hip (and pale-ass honkey), you'd respond with, "OK, I'll be white here."
    Depending on the company this would either elicit shocked stares or break everybody up in insane laughter. Sometimes both.

    I was amazed to learn that my black friends in Canada had never heard the term "ofay".
    I'm au fait wid dat
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2013

    NASA Backs Star Trek-Style Replicator That Could 3D Print Pizza In Space!
    NASA gets it backwards again. They're planning catering before they've built a single building off-Earth.
    Oh that's rich. Everybody knows that Pizza is not a member of the 3-D Food Group. It is strictly two-dimensional. Flat crust, flat slices of pepperoni, one-dimensional strings of mozzarella.....
    So you don't need a 3-D printer for pizza. An ordinary 2-D will do. Just make sure it has the LaserJet 4P emulation and you'll be fine.
    (The older Epson emulated versions just didn't have the authentic cardboard taste)
    When I was a boy, we had to make do with 1D food. String cheese and tendons mainly. At Christmas we sometimes got a flat cracker, if we were lucky.
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    You were lucky, all right. It was all peas and peppercorns around here.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2013
    Your food had dimensions! Luxury!! We got just dried peas and tapioca.
    I would continue, but LSEnt (Lord Snooty Enterprises) is currently bogged down with the details of negative dimensionality. We feel that a breakthrough is imminent, rather than soon. If this concept can be fully realised as conceived, every dimension will have a negative dual, thus providing tons more room for all that stuff that clutters up the place but that we don't want to throw away. It must however be said that, some days, it feels like we're going backwards.