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    Posted By: maryyugo
    The problem for us, the rest of the world, is the damage that you, the USA, is doing all over and to the rest of the world, and we will be slow to forgive you for it. The USA seems to us, the rest of the world, to have declared war on itself (your own business and your own problem) and on all life in general on planet Earth (a problem for both you and us).

    You know, it's a continuum and the US is far from the extremes if, for example, you consider the Taliban, Isis/Daesh, Saudi Arabia and various other terror organizations, the US isn't half bad. Of course, you will say the US is responsible for all the idiotic religious and other senseless warfare that goes on in the world. That means discussing anything political with you is completely silly.
    With respect to your first point above: Both your reach and your impact are considerably greater than anywhere else in the world and your unilateral dismantling of international environmental agreements is having a huge global impact.

    With regard to your second point: the actual evidence against you is overwhelming. For example, just look at the long list of USAn interventions on foreign soil and check to see whether the USA backed the democratically elected faction or the autocrat / dictator / tyrant / brutal military junta etc. When it comes to USAn military interventions abroad, in the cases where one of the factions has democratic backing or is trying to establish a democracy, the USA overwhelmingly intervenes against that faction. The USA more often than not intervenes against democracy abroad. A challenge: If you disagree with me, then please look up the evidence for yourself and come back here and contradict me afterwards, if you can ...
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    Associated Retired Aviation Professionals
    The Flight 800 Investigation
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    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2020
    Contrary to what Narcissus says, there was nothing "imminent" about the drone killing.

    He'd authorized it sever months ago

    Why don't any of those "reporters" simply ask Trump if he's lying? There's ample evidence for the question.
    Why ask an insane lying crooked cunt if he's lying?
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    Difficult to interpret the response, to be sure.
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    Donald J. Trump
    Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!

    Distract, distract,, Mr. Trump?
    Son Too says the best time to attack is when your enemy is ravaged by disease. Especially if you are also ravaged by the same disease.
    Son Too says if you don't have enough enemies, they are easy enough to make.
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    Upon information and belief

    How much of each, eh?
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    To our eternal shame.