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    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2009 edited
    This forum has been set up as a result of many users, including myself, being banned from the Steorn forum. It uses the same software that members of that forum will be familiar with and seem in the main, to like. Use of the forum is free and any information you fill in on your account will not be used for any other purpose than maintaining your forum account. In short, your privacy will be respected.

    My intention is that this forum is light on moderation[1] and that users are free to post their opinions on any subject. However, there are obviously some limits to "free speech" and posts which contain material which is illegal in the UK or which represent a serious risk of action for defamation, will have to be removed.

    The posts in the forum (apart from this one) are unavailable to unregistered users. You can apply for membership by clicking ever so lightly on This link. You do not need to use a valid e-mail address and in the main, only usernames which may be confused with current posters will be refused.

    The forum is using bandwidth from an allowance which while generous, is not infinite. Please keep quoted material to a reasonable length.

    [1] "light on moderation" does not mean no moderation. You may find it difficult to be banned from the forum but it is possible.