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    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2009
    Richard Walshe looks like the stoned twin of Derren Brown, IMHO.
    Dear Mr Fishville

    Thank you for your contribution below.

    Posted By: FishtownI does seem they are unsure
    of just what an advert is for

    it's supposed to be seen
    to cries of "Wow! Peachy Keen!"

    Not swept 'tween the rug and the floor

    *first attempt at Steorn Limerick. Be kind*

    The Forum Limerick Police Service (Protecting and Enforcing)
    has the duty to ensure that limericks posted to this forum are of acceptable quality.

    We hereby inform you that your contribution does not meet the basic standards of a limerick and that it is illegal on this forum to advertise it as such. A limerick has a very specific form:

    (1) a limerick contains five lines
    (2) the first two and the last one are of four anapaestic or amphibrachic feet
    (3) the remaining two are of three anapaestic or amphibrachic feet
    (4) the rhyme scheme is AABBA

    we recommend that you consult a suitable source such as WIkipedia.

    (Suggested corrections shown in brackets)

    (a) Line 1 lacks an obvious beat : It does seem [that] they are unsure
    (b) Line 4 has three excess syllables : [as] Wow! Peachy Keen!"

    Rhyme scheme good ( rhyme of sure and for is within parameters of humorous)
    Overall good attempt.

    Recommendation - no criminal charge. Monitor for improvement. Recommend specific work on rhythm.

    Constable Gus
    FLPS(Protecting and bashing where necessary)

    PS private note to Mr Codston. The FLPS advises the public to be cautious in choosing limerick advisors. Unethical practitioners, (some even from Texas) are operating in this vicinity.