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    It's about 3/4 KW per HP, so a 50 HP vehicle is equivalent to a 35 KW vehicle. However, if LENR were real, the ISP is way, way better than gasoline. ISP is equivalent to MPG
    I'm not sure how you infer the ISP of LENR. I guess I've never quite understood how you would achieve thrust from such a device. In any case, other than generating electricity with it, I don't see how you would use an LENR reactor to power a car. At least, any claimed version of the gizmo is just a heater and not a particularly impressive one at that (other than, of course, the fact that it produces the heat with essentially no fuel - which is admittedly impressive, were it for real). But apart from resurrecting the steam-powered car, what is the allure of LENR for cars? Perhaps you can edify me. It sure doesn't strike me as a rocket engine, regardless of how paradigm-shattering it might be.
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    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2013
    ISP = woos per kilobuck * exotic free energy constant
    Yes, it's not a direct conversion. "Something hot make car go". So we'd be back to steam turbine plus electrical generator. The massive ISP would still make it worthwhile.

    Only one snag - LENR is unproven.
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    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2013
    Posted By: AsterixISP = woos per kilogigabuck * exotic free energy constant
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2013
    It had to happen. Further Steornification. Solid state cold fusion! Kid you not!

    Can a water heater be far behind? A do it yourself kit that is never shipped?
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    So, how is that new forum going, Mr. Abd __ __ Lomax?

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    How many of those were written by him?


    w o

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    Yes, We have built 3 prototypes of 2 different kinds:
    - 1 with an electrolytic process where hydrogen is extracted from water
    - 2 with gaseous hydrogen at low pressure (30 psi)

    We are currently building a third type of design based on nickel nano-powder and hydrogen at medium pressure (150 psi).

    Sounds like they built a "water for fuel" car and found it didn't work, then built two hydrogen powered cars which might work but would have short range at 30psi, and are now trying to build a LENR car.
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    Posted By: maryyugoA do it yourself kit that is never shipped?

    SIY - Soon it yourself.
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    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2013
    Posted By: pcstruSIY - Soon it yourself.

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    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2013
    Available in all good stores, Soon.
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    Good old gullible McKubre briefly attends to Rossi, Defkalion, Brillouin misleadingly ... also claims Piantelli makes 10 - 100 watts... WHATT?

    Skip to time 13:00 to get right to Rossi and around 17:00, he discusses (briefly) Defkalion, and Brillouin. Also BLP which is about to do something fantastic... tomorrow is it?

    ... via Vortex
    He said "demur" !! 18:05

    What's the probability of that?
    I'd like to answer, but I will demur
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    Cool new book on cold fusion?

    Review on Amazon:

    "Cold Fusion" is another brilliant entry in annals of scientific knowledge from Dr. Doris Haggis-On-Whey with assistance from her husband, Benny. This volume explains all aspects of cold fusion, including some that even Pons and Fleischmann could have never imagined.

    "The History of Cold Fusion" is presented as a colorful timeline on pp. 10-11, and is a good starting point for understanding this book, superimposed as it is over a timeline of Eddie Money's career (note the proximity of the release of Money's monster hits "Baby Hold On" and "Two Tickets to Paradise" to Dr. Mizuno's observation of charged particles from palladium deuterides, which he attributed to instrumentation error). Other vital areas of exploration include a handy table explaining why Tim Conway, Helen Hunt, and General Pervez Musharraf will never be good at cold fusion, a poem in epic verse about cold fusion by Lord Byron, the Russian invention of fruit fusion, and a thorough analysis of why birds are bad at building superconductors.

    For anyone who enjoys satire, humor, or science, the Haggis-On-Whey series can expand your world view in many new and unexpected ways, and for that reason alone I recommend it. Besides, without Dr. Doris and Benny to help me I would still be attempting to confirm a tritium sample with a mass spectrometer, and we wouldn't want that now, would we?
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    Very cool. I like Giraffes? Giraffes!
    • CommentAuthorLakes
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2014
    Fruit Fusion!, very refreshing! :)
    That book is a communist plot to subvert our youth.