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    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2013
    • CommentAuthorLakes
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2013
    Posted By: Knuckles OTooleBat shit insane.

    They promote a paranormal cleansing service whatever the fuck that means. They also are onYoutube

    This is one of their wacky videos.I own a piano. Guess I'm fucked.
    Sparky, the cursed evil piano? :)
    They are called BARK. As in BARKing Mad.
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2013
    Posted By: AngusPiano smashing in a calmer, more classical time

    Another one from the list of tunes I never need to hear again. All of these recordings need to be locked away in a vault for at least a full generation or two.

    Then in fifty years, they can drag them back out - if anyone still gives a shit.
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    Another scam -- popped under, but not sure from where (several tabs in use before I noticed it) -- using FF:

    • CommentAuthorBigOilRep
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2013
    Posted By: Knuckles OTooleBat shit insane.

    They've really put a lot of work into that webshite:

    "I'm a title
    I'm a description. Click to edit me"

    If you haven't read the ProPublica/NYT or Guardian stories, you probably should. The TL;DR is that the NSA has been doing some very bad things. At a combined cost of $250 million per year, they include:

    Tampering with national standards (NIST is specifically mentioned) to promote weak, or otherwise vulnerable cryptography.
    Influencing standards committees to weaken protocols.
    Working with hardware and software vendors to weaken encryption and random number generators.
    Attacking the encryption used by 'the next generation of 4G phones'.
    Obtaining cleartext access to 'a major internet peer-to-peer voice and text communications system' (Skype?)
    Identifying and cracking vulnerable keys.
    Establishing a Human Intelligence division to infiltrate the global telecommunications industry.
    And worst of all (to me): somehow decrypting SSL connections.

    All of these programs go by different code names, but the NSA's decryption program goes by the name 'Bullrun' so that's what I'll use here.
    Posted By: BigOilRepThey've really put a lot of work into that webshite:

    "I'm a title
    I'm a description. Click to edit me"

    Maybe Craig did it for them.
    Posted By: alsetalokin
    They are clearly not accountable to the principles of the nation that pays for them. I call that biting the hand that feeds you. And there are consequences. For that reason they should be tossed out with the trash. We got along fine without them before.
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    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2013 edited
    PayPal pishing email. Boring except that it starts off with a generic salutation 'Dear Customer' and warns at the end against such things...

    Notice of changes to the PayPal Security Level

    Dear Customer
    We’re constantly working to make PayPal safer, simpler and more convenient for our customers. This means that from time to time we have to make changes to the Security System Levels. To make sure you are always informed we have posted recent updates on our website.

    What do I need to do?

    Click the link below, and follow the steps to confirm your billing records.


    Please read the Policy Update carefully. It contains important legal information about when and how the changes to our User Agreement will become effective. Click here to read
    If you agree to the changes, you don’t need to do anything as any updates will automatically come into effect. If you do not wish to accept the changes, we’ve also provided you with the steps you can take on the Policy Update page.

    Confirm now. Yours sincerely, PayPal

    How do I know this is not a fake email?

    Spoof or ‘phishing’ emails tend to have generic greetings such as "Dear PayPal member". Emails from PayPal will always address you by your first and last name.
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2013
    Hilarious. Criminals are often amazingly stupid.
    • CommentAuthorAsterix
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2013
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2013 edited
    Posted By: AsterixeBay Dealz

    Web journalism, exhibiting a pet peeve of mine. The article refers to "Union County" and "Charlotte".

    So presumably it happened in the USA somewhere, since we have counties in most states. Charlotte Texas, maybe? Charlotte California? Charlotte North Carolina, maybe? Why should I have to guess and search, to know?

    Nowhere on that web page can I identify the Where part of "Who What When Where Why" that is supposed to be the basis of news reportage.

    And it is a symptom of another weird USAmerican attitude: I am at the center of the universe, so if I mention "Charlotte" you have to know that I am referring to the only Charlotte there is in the Universe, this one here. Dummy.

    But more importantly... just how much is one iota, anyway?
    • CommentAuthorAsterix
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2013 edited
    Charlotte, NC, located in Mecklenburg county; Union county adjoins same.

    The county was formed in 1842 from parts of Anson County and Mecklenburg County. Its name was a compromise between Whigs, who wanted to name the new county for Henry Clay, and Democrats, who wanted to name it for Andrew Jackson. The Helms, Starnes, McRorie, and Belk families took a major part in the Monroe and Charlotte, North Carolina. Most of these families came from Goose Creek Township.

    Didn't the notion of "iota" meaning an insignificant amount come from the old Greek writing style of writing iota subscript, barely noticeable if you're not paying attention? "Jot" comes from the same word.
    Posted By: AsterixCharlotte, NC, located in Mecklenburg county; Union county adjoins same.
    Of course... but can you tell that from reading the webpage? I don't think so. So what does that tell you about the editorial policy of the news source? It tells me a lot: they are provincial, presuming that only those in their immediate area will be reading what they write; they are arrogant, presuming that the readers will automatically just know that they mean Charlotte NC rather than Charlotte Georgia or Charlotte New South Wales; they are careless, having forgotten or simply left out one of the journalist's "Ws" that we ... some of us... learned in the eighth grade.

    But thanks for the history and geography lesson, y'all come back now, heah?
    • CommentAuthorAsterix
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2013 edited
    Well, if I know the editorial policy at pddnet, it's to copy verbatim off the AP wire feed--and that includes AP stories for local consumption. Don't blame AP writers for sloppy pddnet policy, including leaving off the dateline.

    Here's the same article reproduced on SFGate

    It's called "internet theft publishing." Minimizes all that nasty overhead for original writing.
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2013 edited

    One thing seems clear: we must now choose between the credibility of
    American technology businesses and the continuation of export controls on
    cryptography and computer security technology. The controls are ineffective
    for their alleged purpose; there are too many ways to circumvent them. The
    main use of these laws has been to allow government pressure to be brought
    to bear on vendors who won't "play ball" with U.S. Government objectives. As
    long as the big players in the U.S. computing and networking industries can
    be be backdoored by their government (take that either way), only a fool
    would buy from them. If the goal is to destroy the American technology
    industry, this strategy is even better than software patents. As long as
    those laws remain on the books, the American tech sector has a credibility

    You eat your dinner eat your pork and beans,
    I eat more chicken any man ever seen....
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    Kind of a dead giveaway here in Canada.
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2013 edited
    Posted By: AngusKind of a dead giveaway here in Canada.

    I can hardly wait for the upcoming epidemic of new creativity centering on the Obamacare Affordable Care Act. I can imagine a scam naive person getting a phone call. "Hi. You have been approved for the ACA plan you applied for. I just need a bit more informaition. Your copays must be deducted automatically. May I have your bank name and the account number? Now so I can verify your identity, may I have your mother's maiden name and your social security number?". "Thank you. You will get your documents in the mail shortly. Bye."

    That's not creative. I bet the Nigerians, Ukranians, and Mississipians will be more so.
    • CommentAuthorjoshs
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2013
    Why? The scam we call health insurers do that already.