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    Whew. I'd hate to be accused of being so significant.
    Some day, some day.
    Bravo George. I see he's learned a thing or two from his experiences.
    As far as my experience with him goes, he has always been that good.
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2017
    Please no more details about your sex life.
    Yes, George is a good man and a fine engineer. But I can recall a time when he didn't fully realize the importance of confirmation bias in physics research. After all, this is a concept from psychology, not "real science" like physics or engineering, so its importance is often underestimated by those who are not explicitly trained in experimental design and research methods. I also probably recall the exact instant when he switched his orientation from doing effect demonstrations to doing real, properly controlled experiments. His critique of the EmDrive paper shows that he now has a good grasp of those concepts. I hope he continues to apply those particular insights to his own laboratory work, as well as to the work of those whom he sponsors.
    A chronicle of many years of hard expensive work and null results...
    It's all about the journey, dude
    Posted By: Andrew PalfreymanIt's all about the journey, dude

    You are perhaps more correct than you know. Several colleagues and co-workers have said that actually being successful would be the worst thing that could happen to HCS.
    It was apparently true for Hutchison!!
    Posted By: Andrew PalfreymanIt was apparently true for Hutchison!!

    Hutchison was and is a fraud and faker. GH was taken in by him at the beginning and probably still believes that some of Hutchison's effects were real. They were not, and GH is reluctant to admit/acknowledge that he was fooled by a master fooler. A case in point is the famous "levitating bushing". GH analyzed video footage of the levitation and concluded that there was a "jerk" component to the motion that could not be accounted for by conventional explanations. Then "someone" came along and replicated the anomalous acceleration effect precisely by inverting the camera, suspending a similar bushing in an AC magnetic field from the top of the experimental chamber (a plywood box), then reducing the field strength until gravity took over to make the bushing fall. George was insufficiently devious enough to see through Hutchison's simple fakery. There are no "Hutchison effects" that cannot be easily replicated by anyone with skills in the art.
    There's no "probably still believes" about it. You should just listen to George's two presentations
    Posted By: Andrew PalfreymanThere's no "probably still believes" about it. You should just listen to George's two presentations

    Can you just cut to the chase and tell me what parts I haven't heard before, many times, in excruciating detail?
    Never mind, now I've gone through the whole thing. I see that I appear in the "Acknowledgements" just below you, Andrew. LOL....
    I thought you preferred to remain anonymous?

    Here's 6 more "advanced propulsion" concepts from this Friday. Most, admittedly, are not propellantless, but they are all speculative at least.

    Lawrence Krauss tearing Sonny White a fresh one is worth waiting for. The later panel continues the slaughter.
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2018
    Thanks, never heard of the dipole drive before.
    Yes, it's an exciting idea. It offers the promise of getting to the solar gravfocus (and braking to a stop) in reasonable (but not super) times. It offers a mission like StarShot a possible way to decelerate and manoeuvre before and at the target star. It offers synergy with power beaming tech for interplanetary missions.

    I was hoping it would offer a genuine interstellar alternative, but alas, at ~1 atom/cc for the interstellar medium (despite that medium's high velocity) this appears not to be the case.