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    And there was TK thinking "Bored...what the hell..."

    Maybe it's a geek version of twerking. Equivalently.
    He Organized better with his left hand.
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    Given: a bunch of wire bits, all slightly different lengths, randomly in a pile.
    Task: sort by length.

    You could do a pairwise comparison, keeping the longer in hand, going through the pile one by one until you have the longest one in hand, and then place that one in the output stack. Repeat for the next longest, etc.

    Or you could dump them all into the tuna can, shake stack and tamp, then the longest one sticks out like a sore thumb. Remove it, then the next longest one is also evident, und so weiter.

    I actually seem to think I believe I might remember learning somewhere that certain neural network geometries perform better at certain tasks if there is a certain amount of random noise present along with the operational data.
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    Or you could wrap a rubber band about the whole lot and bang one end on the table. There. Sorted.

    Yes-certain filters are better able to recognise a signal in the presence of some noise.
    It all that shaking going on, that getting the hits Al.
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    FWIW here's a portion of this month's old boys' newsletter from one of my old employment situations - CRC (Communications Research Centre) a government lab that was instrumental in developing certain aspects of communications technology back in the 1970s and 1980s. Including the method still used to join optical fibres, which is still collecting money for one of my friends.

    February 27th , 2014 What happened at Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947?
    What crashed – was it a weather balloon or an Alien UFO?
    Presented by Hugh Reekie
    March 27th, 2014 Going With The Flow on Land And Water: Canoeing, Sailing and Hiking Adventures in Canada
    Presented by Marlene Medaglia and Edward Gurgurewicz
    (All events in the CRC Auditorium at 1300 hrs unless otherwise noted. Friends and spouses, Shirleys Bay staff all welcome.)
    In addition to the monthly Friends' lunch-time gatherings in the CRC cafeteria, Hugh also meets regularly in Kanata, with his former colleagues in commercial spacecraft assembly and qualification from Northern Telecom and Spar. One of the ongoing topics discussed is the Roswell mystery: there are three stalwarts who believe the crash there was of an extra-terrestrial spacecraft.
    A year ago, Hugh expressed an interest, and was lent books; followed by some internet digging. There is an incredible wealth of information on the subject, although much of it of dubious provenance.
    Hugh will present a history of the crash and its consequences, from what he believes to be reliable sources. Most slides will have book or web references listed, so that the curious can investigate further for themselves. After the main body of the presentation, Hugh will mention the “Canadian connections” – including that of former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer. The talk will conclude with a few slides on the topic “How many habitable planets might be out there?” A few hard-copies of the slides will be available for collection after the talk and a 7 Mb pdf file, one image for each slide, can be sent by email on request -
    Whether you attend the presentation, or look at the slides on your computer, you will be taken on a wild ride!
    February 2014, page 2
    MMeessssaaggee ffrroomm tthhee CChhaaiirr
    This month's talk promises to be very entertaining! Let me state up-front that I'm a skeptic. Until I can actually touch an alien spacecraft, or date an (attractive!) alien, I remain unconvinced! But I have to say, that in researching this subject, I found some really interesting material on Wilbert Smith, Project Magnet and his "space people".
    Wilbert Smith was a senior engineer with the Department of Transport (DOT). At the time of his death, he was superintendent of Radio Regulations Engineering for DOT.
    There is a UFO connection to DRTE, the precursor of CRC in this area of research. Smith's lab was in the 'DOT Building' (Bldg. 67, now demolished), just east of the main entrance to the Shirleys Bay site. Wilbert Smith was researching the possibility of deriving power through the earth's magnetic field. He believed also that such power was the means of propulsion for UFOs.
    Some of our older members may recall "Project Magnet", which was reportedly assigned to this research. DRTE funded that research until 1954, after which they allowed Smith an office and equipment, but with no additional funding, to further his ongoing research, which continued until his death in 1962.
    There are any number of articles, readily found with a Google search, some more credible than others, but most interesting is an audio recording of a lecture given by Wilbert Smith discussing his "alien" contacts.
    Wilbert Smith CRC Image 50-RPL-0099
    Whether Wilbert's ideas came from his contact with "the space people" or was simply a manifestation of his later confused mental state may be debated. There are even conflicting reports about his cause of death, the general view being that he died as a result of a brain tumour. But other internet researchers insist that he died from bowel cancer.
    But both Wilbert Smith and Shirleys Bay have a place in the internet UFO lore that now have a lasting on-line life of their own!
    I invite you to join the Friends of CRC on the 27th of February in expectation of Hugh Reekie's highly entertaining and informative presentation!
    John Brebner
    Bldg. 67 with unidentified researchers in 1956, CRC Image 56-RPL-0642

    Thanks, Wilbert is a legend of ufoness for sure and I've not heard this clip before.
    When he finally quits generalities and makes some very specific comments about "space people physics" around 8:35 or so, it gets garbled and almost impossible to understand. The sound quality abruptly switches back to normal when he changes subject to the issue of materials, around 9:35. For this reason it's likely that this garbling is deliberate.
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    Ha. I listened to it and you're right. The secret of the universe is hidden in that missing minute.

    I actually met the man when I was pretty young. He was a colleague of my father's in the same Civil Service department. I thought he was weird and terrifying then with the iron grey brush cut. He's still weird. My dad was a fan though.
    Interesting! His physics, as represented by what he said in that clip, is execrable.

    And where are the construction details for Ye Magicke Coil?
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    I have to confess I faded out when the real woo started after about 10:00. I am terribly intolerant of YouTube woo. The physics by then seemed to have turned into mumbo jumbo.
    So, indulge my fantasy if you would...

    You're messing around with some funky tech in your lab. Your device suddenly registers a change in weight. You check all three orientations and start optimising various parameters. By this time, it's stand-alone with its own power supply and lifting its own total weight.

    What's the next step? Seriously...
    I make one phone call...
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    Build another one.
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    Stop sniffing glue.
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    Post it on YouTube
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    loreman is obviously the only one who truly understands how woo works.
    Posted By: alsetalokinI make one phone call...
    That doesn't help me much, but it's nice for you I suppose. I would buy air tickets to bring about 3 people here for a private demo. Then I'd file patents, start a company, and I'd walk down Sandhill Road with a demonstrator.
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    Then wait for Google to buy you out. ;)