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    There's Nembo!
    He's one of The Good Guys, as you probably know.
    I have no idea who you are though.
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    This should go in the Aaaaaargh! thread, but I'll put it here to keep the context. Among the items listed as "products" for this company we find

    Miniaturized Mobile UHF Radio Frequency Solutions

    Aaaaargh! For some reason the term "solution" has become telecoms business speak for "thing". In this case; antennas.
    Posted By: Andrew PalfreymanHe's one of The Good Guys, as you probably know.
    I have no idea who you are though.

    Well, I don't appear on that list of luminaries, so the problem space is narrowed considerably, isn't it.
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    I wonder if the COO's middle name is 'Bob'?
    This is the best description of Hawking radiation I've ever read. It's not about particle-antiparticle pairs (which I never bought anyway) but about spacetime curvature
    "When I put the phone down, I cried," he told "I was overwhelmed. It's a fantastic capstone to my career."
    Penrose is such a wonderful communicator.

    I had not grasped until now, for example, that the entropy of the CMB was maximal. How could this be when the 2nd Law is so clear on the subject and as a consequence the universe must have started out in a state of minimal, not maximal entropy?
    The interplay between the 2nd law, gravity and the evolution of the universe is mighty fascinating. I had to replay parts of that talk by Sir Roger to get a handle on it. He truly is an original thinker.

    His "infinite cyclic spacetime" model is aesthetically pleasing. But what if (I thought) we take this idea of sticking infinite future boundaries onto big bangs - which results in a spacetime tube or "block universe" of infinite length - and bend it so that we get a torus?

    With even one more extra dimension, we could tie a frickin' knot in it!

    Hang on. Is this recursive (fractal?) string theory?
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    Let's just hope the Jart are still a long long way away, even in infinite knotted spacetime.
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