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    Posted By: Andrew PalfreymanWith an appropriate ballet between spinning black holes, can the resultant twisted spacetime be tied into a knot?

    (Occasioned by this
    Well, due to a sudden unexplained (by definition) surge of local synergy, the following washed across the transom today

    Knotted spacetime indeed!
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    Posted By: goatcheezAnother one for you, fav:

    Dawn of light lying between a silence and sold sources
    Chased amid fusions of wonder
    "The Revealing Science of God" is based on the shruti class of Hindu scripture which Yogananda described as scriptures that are "directly heard" or "revealed", in particular the Vedas.
    People who claim they’ve seen God may not be so crazy after all. A study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that those who have had divine encounter experiences — the sensation of seeing a God-like figure or a profound, enhanced reality or truth — reap lasting mental benefits.

    Many have reported experiencing these deeply religious visions spontaneously or while under the influence of psychedelic drugs like psilocybin “magic” mushrooms or the Amazonian drink ayahuasca. Some of these experiences were described as encounters with God or an “ultimate reality,” bringing sudden, striking clarity to their lives and existence in general. And interestingly, even if the encounter occurred on a psychedelic trip, researchers say the benefits are still the same.
    Posted By: Andrew PalfreymanKnotted spacetime indeed!
    Georgia leading the country on abortion.
    Can spiders be taught to count using aversion therapy?
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    Not past 8
    I've figured it out. The USAan government is a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, only with nuclear weapons, petrodollars and eminent domain.

    Or should that be "imminent domain?"
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    I just wish they'd stick to their immanent domain.
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    Clearly, you don't understand "manifest destiny". You'll all eventually be Americans.
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    We are already Americans. We hold out hope even yet of not becoming USans
    Most people have a preferred filler noise, some variation of "er" or "umm" and so forth. Kip Thorne has a filler noise that sounds like two black holes colliding.




    Conclusion: Entanglement can be transcended by entirely removing one side in a time short compared with the timelike separation.
    I understand all the words, and I acknowledge that they make a complete English sentence. But I have no idea what it means.
    There is much we do not know
    Dust my broom
    Global ISP revenues are in the $trillions. Starlink and other satellite providers will disrupt that.
    Global fossil fuel subsidies are in the $trillions. Tesla and other EV makers will disrupt that.
    The smart thing for Yanks to do is to set up a honeypot candidate for the Russians
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    We live in the era of short term politicking.

    Politicians can and will do whatever they need to in order to secure their victories in the short term, regardless of the longer term consequences.

    David Cameron’s short term goal, which he succeeded in achieving, of preventing UKIP from gaining votes from disaffected Eurosceptic Tories brought the Brexit referendum and its catastrophic long term consequences down upon us.

    Whenever it comes to actually implementing the kinds of meaningful measures that might actually successfully help to protect us from the worst possible outcomes of climate change in the long term, politicians always seem to be able to secure short term victories for themselves by sabotaging them, thereby providing other vested interests with other short term victories.

    In many countries, the lure of short term benefits arising from tax cuts has convinced people to allow politicians to erode their tax bases, cripple their public services and enable vested corporate interests to gain control of critical public infrastructure and services for their benefit at the expense of the long term public interest.

    This has allowed grotesque and ever-growing inequality to become firmly embedded in our societies.

    Donald Trump’s entire political career has succeeded entirely on short term victories secured by going along with whatever crazy shit his support base wants at any given time, regardless of the long term consequences, or the obvious inconsistencies and contradictions inherent in the ensuing policies.

    However, what this all illustrates is that the public will get whatever it wants. If politicians believe that they can achieve short term victories by tapping into public sentiment, they will do so in a cold heartbeat without giving it a second thought, and regardless of any blatant hypocrisy or ludicrous inconsistencies on their part.

    In our liberal Western democracies, it is up to our electorates to vote for the long term. It always has been.

    Long-termism has all the necessary potential to tap into the populist wellspring and become the defining progressive political movement of our age.
    The trouble with the future development of a galactic consciousness is that one ends up believing that the next galaxy over is inferior.
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    The Chinese have long term politics