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    • CommentAuthortensor
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2009
    There has been discussions in various threads about the reed switch(es) used in the Orbo demo.
    Mostly comments are related to limited lifetime, etc.
    These are particularly rugged:
    "In addtion to the switching capacity of 240VAC 30A(7kVA), Bestact mechanically charges the return spring and imparts a hammering effect to open the contacts with a large separating force and at high speeds."
    I looked at some samples years ago, they're definitely "not your Dad's reed switches".
    No idea if Steorn is using them, or how lifetime may affect the Orbo, etc.
    Just passing the info along.
    Interesting. I note they limit arcing by causing a glow discharge that limits the switching surge. Will this kind of reed switch work in a free energy device that, presumably, depends on just that switching surge for battery recharging?
    And I couldn't find a MTBF listed for that switch. Is it better than 2x10e6 cycles?