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    Posted By: legendreWow, cool beans.. and I think I see a few thermionic devices in there.

    What are their functions - the vacuum tubes, I mean?

    That's the guts of our old ion source power supply. I have to confess I'm not entirely sure what they're for! We've not used that one in the time I've been here. Probably switching very high voltages.

    Posted By: mrfloratwo questions for HK:

    (1) How much did it cost?

    (2) What is it being used for?


    It's 40 odd years old and has been rebuilt and modified many times - not sure about its 'as is' cost. A new one from IBA of roughly the same spec would be a couple of million euro I think. That doesn't include the building which was built specifically to house it.

    These days it's used solely to produce neutrons for research. Chiefly in boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT). I think we have highest thermal neutron flux, available for experiments, in the UK since the Imperial uni reactor closed.