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    Posted By: bloodymedia

    Funny, I don't see the Searl Effect Generator in that list.
    It's Wikipedia, simply put it in!
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    I am pleased to announce that the design and simulation of the Heat to Power thermionic device codenamed DEFR is complete and that I will be emailing a brief description on Wednesday 13th, 2010.

    Mathematical modeling and peer review assisted by Yale make me highly confident that it will perform exactly as predicted.

    The new design allows for large sheet sized implementation just as is the case in solar PV panels.
    For all the Carl Tilley fans:

    Carl Tilley loses lawsuit

    Original article (requires subscription):
    "Mathematical modeling and peer review assisted by Yale"

    It is to laugh. Did he lock his notes in a footlocker with a padlock? Because that's as close to "peer review assisted by Yale" that this nonsense will ever get.
    The investors should be fined for extreme dumbness too.
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    The investors were fined. They not only lost their money, now, they will be unable to recover because Tilley moved far away and has no money. Add the legal fees for this suit to the losses -- either the attorneys get ripped off if they did it on contingency or the investors get another hit if they paid as they went. I'm surprised they bothered.
    i was going to suggest simply puttng a link to peswiki but i had a lok there and was utterly disappointed to find that the top twnety list has been polluted by numerous plausible clean energy technologies and not one single free energy device
    best i could find ws eeestor magic capacitors
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    Posted By: bloodymediaThe investors should be fined for extreme dumbness too.

    They already were, if you think about it :)
    I did, and you are so right ;-)
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    I resurrected an ancient thread, to announce that an almost equally ancient (90+) and prolific snake-oil salesman has been perma-banned from LENR Forum for trying too hard to sell his miracles. It is of course Mark Goldes, of Aesop Institute fame.
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    Thoughts, prayers...

    you read it here first
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    So, we still share interest in the original stories that caused this group to be?
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    Certainly, if any come up. I am still disappointed not to have received a copy of Barry Whyte's book on Steorn, but I'm damned if I'm going to pay for a book I consulted on.